3 Important Tips For Stopping Bullies

When you are being bullied, it is undoubtedly scary, intimidating and lonely. However, it is important to remember that while you may feel alone, you are not. Unfortunately, recent statistics list that about almost three out of every ten students in grades six through twelve have been bullied. Therefore, it is important to understand the following advice when you, or someone you care for, are being bullied.

#1-Give No Response

It is easy to forget that one of the reasons that bullies keep harassing those around him is because they get some sort of response. Whether that response results in making themselves feel better at your expense, the perceived respect of those around you or their own insensitivity about bullying, the problem will usually continue to occur because the bully benefits somehow from their actions.

Instead, remove yourself from the situation whenever possible. If that is not an immediate option, give as little of a response as possible. Do not fight back, as doing so can make the bully more aggressive. If you are being physically assaulted by the bully or the threat of violence exists, do not be afraid to yell for help repeatedly. A little embarrassment at the time will ultimately be worth it when it saves you from additional injuries.

#2-Remember That Bullying Will Often Get Worse As It Continues

One reason that bullying continues to occur is because of the shame and silence that it often causes. Unfortunately, ignoring bullying is not likely to make it go away. Instead, it is not unusual for bullies to become more aggressive or engage in more frequent contact with their victims over time.

Therefore, as soon as you realize that you are being bullied physically, verbally or online, it will be in your best interests to address the problem.

#3-Tell Someone That You Trust And Keep Telling Until Someone Helps You

In order to address the situation, you will need to consider the way you react to being bullied. Instead of slinking away and trying to spend as much time as you can away from the area where you run into the bully, immediately go find an adult in whom you can confide. While doing so, it is a good idea to never be alone, as the buddy system can be a great deterrent to future bullying.

If that person does not take the issue seriously or you feel that they will be able to solve the problem, find another adult and continue to do so until you have found someone that you have confidence in. Although doing so may seem like tattling, it is actually the most responsible choice that you can make as a victim of bullying. Adults in positions of authority, like teachers, counselors, principals, etc. at your school have resources that can stop the bullying that you, as a child or student, do not. As a result, it is best to let an adult help.

In conclusion, bullying is a significant social and educational problem that has negatively impacted many people in a variety of ways. If you, or someone that you care for, are being bullied it is crucial to know what you can do to stop it. Telling your stories about bullying may help to stop the bully and protect both yourself and any other future victims.